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‘Hair-Raising’ Experience- A Femina Special Feature

Hair-raising literally means extremely alarming, astonishing or frightening. It aptly describes the emotions we experience when we first notice the receding hairline or visible scalp in the mirror. Thanks to the huge hair restoration market that has emerged, everyone is now aware of how to restore lost hair. It is, in fact, the most accessible, affordable luxury available on the market, in the looking good ...

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LHR: Is it Laser Hair Removal or Laser Hair Reduction?

Hair removal is one of the oldest elements of beauty treatments, and shaving was the earliest way to get rid of excess unwanted hair. Then were introduced salon treatments like waxing and threading. Some chemical creams that dissolve hair shaft are used as depilatory creams. All these give temporary relief from hair growth. Shaving leaves behind thick hair stubs that give a rough look while threading and wa ...

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