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Double Chin – A Problem with a Simple Solution

The face of a person can speak volumes. Facial beauty has been a topic of wonder and importance since time immemorial. For example, ancient Egypt was home to the beautiful Nefertiti, a queen well known for her flawless beauty. Her beauty was so well known in all of Egypt that her sculptures made were the most recognizable everywhere, by everyone. The most striking feature of her beauty was her face – specif ...

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Haute Bridal Therapies

Femina Special Wedding-day beauty shouldn’t begin on the day while sitting in the stylist’s chair. Whether it’s three or thirty weeks to the big day; start now to ensure that you look your bridal best advises Smita Gautam of SkinCity. HAIR CARE Dr. Niteen Dhepe, Director Skin City, says that a diet enriched with Vitamin B helps bring out your hair’s natural shine, as dull hair is actually a symptom of Vitam ...

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Taking Vows to Look Beautiful Together

The bold, beautiful and successful couples take their common interests and healthy competition from the professional world to the grooming world discovers Smita Gautam, the Business Strategy Consultant. Skin City has a range of ‘skintillating’ services for men and women. Narcissism was essentially considered a feminine trait which has now caught the fancy of men of all ages. This led to the coining of the t ...

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