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Get the Underarm Skin you were Born with, at Skin City India

Look into your closet; if there are no sleeveless & strappy outfits or swimwear, you are hiding something, your dark underarms. Smita Gautam of Skincity gives you the solution to this embarrassing problem. More often than not, you are not quite sure about how and why it happened, it creeps up on you and before you know it, you feel helpless about how to get rid of it. The hype around quick fixes and ine ...

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NEW YEAR, NEW YOU – A Femina Special Feature

Resolutions often prove pretty tough to keep. Start with something simple; like taking better care of yourself. Unlike certain resolutions which can sometimes turn into regrets, giving yourself the TLC you deserve is always a good plan, which is exactly why we should all make it a point to step up our skincare and body care game in the year ahead says Smita Gautam of SkinCity which is the largest skin and h ...

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