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Want a Clear And Glowing Skin This Summer? Here’s How You Can Get One

Summer is here! Those long warm days are finally upon us! This also means the harsh sun is beaming down on your skin! Make sure to protect yourself at the pool, the beach, and even during your day-to-day activities. Here are a few suggestions that can help you keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the summer months. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and more Sunscreen! About a teaspoon is needed for the face an ...

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Most Effective Benefits of Milk for Skin and Hair

“Doctor, is milk good for skin and hair?” Many ask me this question redundantly and to this, my answer is yes! Milk can do wonders for your face; it hydrates dry skin, exfoliates mature skin, soothes irritated skin and lightens dark skin. Both my research and experience speak volume about the extraordinary benefits of milk for skin. Here is a list of the most effective benefits of milk for skin and hair. Mi ...

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Foods That Make Your Skin Glow in Winter

The chilly dry wind, the decreasing temperature and low humidity that come with winter can play havoc on your skin, lips and other parts of the body. It can leave your skin dry, harsh and flaky as well as cause a dull complexion, cracked lips, itchiness and skin irritation. Along with a proper skin care routine, you need to keep a close eye on what you are eating to maintain a healthy glow throughout the wi ...

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Best Exercises for Glowing and Fresh Looking Skin

It’s not a secret that your entire body can benefit from the effects of exercise. Your skin is the largest organ you have, so cleansing it from the inside out with a good workout is the key to looking your best. Working out isn’t all about dropping pounds or prepping for your next triathlon. Regular exercise also gives you a healthy, glowing look that you just can’t get any other way. With so many exercise ...

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