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Can You Reverse Aging? Regain Your Lost Youth With Liquid Facelift Treatments

Ageing of skin occurs in all the layers of the skin. The texture roughens, the collagen thickness gets depleted, water content dries up, the fat layer shifts and muscle tone goes down. It is unscientific to expect a single treatment or a single cream to reverse all these changes. Ageing of the face causes a 3 dimensional change so treatment should address the changes in all layers. We at SkinCity advocate t ...

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Double Chin – A Problem with a Simple Solution

The face of a person can speak volumes. Facial beauty has been a topic of wonder and importance since time immemorial. For example, ancient Egypt was home to the beautiful Nefertiti, a queen well known for her flawless beauty. Her beauty was so well known in all of Egypt that her sculptures made were the most recognizable everywhere, by everyone. The most striking feature of her beauty was her face – specif ...

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Beauty Redefined

Femina Special Skin City India, in keeping with its pioneering image, introduces HIFU, the latest FDA approved, non- invasive technology for a face lift. Dr. Niteen Dhepe, Medical Director Skin City, brings this new Anti-Ageing treatment to Pune informs Smita Gautam. We all experience this moment at least once in our life when we see an old friend who looks much younger than her age or yours and you feel th ...

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