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Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology

Hello Friends, As promised we have come up with Top Winter Skin Care Tips for you directly from our Medical Director, Dr. Niteen Dhepe (Twitter - @drniteendhepe ). Dr. Dhepe believes in tips that speaks no nonsense and science. So we have named the campaign as #DrDhepeSays #NoNonsenseCosmetology These tips are not just advices, we will be talking here for a week, we will communicate, ask questions to each o ...

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Laser Tattoo Removal

The term tattoo describes the deliberate placement of permanent colors into the skin or the accidental entry of pigmented material. The word tattoo is derived from the Polynesian (Marquesan) word tattoo, and refers to the accidental or volitional acquisition of pigmented particles of the skin. Types of tattoos 1. Decorative amateur tattoos These include tattoos placed by tribaland gang members. The amateur ...

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