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Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology Tip 1

Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology Tip 1

#NoNonSenseCosmetology  #DrDhepeSays

Do you know your Skin?  What if your Skin type?

(i)  Oily        (ii) Dry

(iii) Mixed         (iv) I don’t know

I don’t know my Skin Type? I am confused –

#drdhepesays – It is commonly observed that most people cannot identify their skin type. It is biologically possible for your skin to change its behavior when subjected to various factors like age, seasons of the year and the level of skin damage.

Your facial skin can be Oily and Dry at the same time. It is possible and yes very much. Sometimes we do not know what our skin type is, if one cleanses the face too much the cheeks turn dry and if one applies thick moisturizer on the nose and the forehead, it leads to oily skin acne breakout.

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