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Whether you have a medical skin condition which needs treatment or simply want to look your very best, our specialized skin specialists at our Solapur clinic will help you achieve the very best result. Get happy, healthy, beautiful skin – that’s us! The clinic located near Old Employment Chowk, Solapur; offers a wide range of clinical and cosmetic dermatology services. Skin City Solapur offers a personal and high-quality service. Our expert Dermatology team is headed up by renowned Dermatologist Dr. Niteen Dhepe, an experienced skin specialist in Dermatology, Lasers and Laser training, Hair transplantation, liposuction, and Vitiligo. We are driven by the importance of prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of troubled skin while embracing the most recent scientific advances. Aesthetic Dermatology is a vital part of our work and with our range of advanced cosmetic procedures, we are proud to represent Solapur’s benchmark for Aesthetic Dermatology.

If you would like to find out more about our clinical, cosmetic or premium dermatology services, treatments, you can schedule a consultation with our expert dermatologists now.

Our offered services:


Stretch marks, the most difficult skin treatment can now see a ray of hope with Skin City’s latest technology. Skin City’s unique combination protocol treats stretch marks effectively.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure for changing the size or reshaping your nose. Skin City’s advanced treatments will help you change the appearance of your nose.


Skin City suggest healthy skin care routines, use of sun protection and optimum use of skin brightening agents like peels & lasers advised by an expert, can enhance the natural beauty of your skin.

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