Skin City’s philosophy on skin lightening treatment:

Skin colour is decided by nature. SkinCity does not believe in changing the natural skin tone from dark to fair or vice versa. Healthy skin care routines, use of sun protection and optimum use of skin brightening agents like peels & lasers advised by an expert, can enhance the natural beauty of your skin

Glow Medifacial

This instant service aims at exfoliating the dead skin layer with ultrasound followed by a gentle massage and a deep hydrating mask. As the name suggests it enhances skin quality and gives a fresh glow.

Brightening Medifacial

This service is a combination of exfoliation and skin clarifying, using ultrasound followed by chemical peeling and a hydrating mask. It helps reverse sun damage and reduces pigmentation, it also improves skin texure.

Laser Brightening Medifacial

This advanced skin brightening treatment aims at reducing melanin granules in the upper skin layer with the help of the state of the art ‘helios laser toning’ for optimized pigment balance along with skin exfoliation this is very suitable for sensitive skin which is unable to tolerate regular facials and bleaches.

Causes of hyper-pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation may either be due to increased melanin deposition in the epidermis or dermis. Epidermal pigmentary disorders respond well to treatment while dermal pigmentation may take a long time to lighten.

Photomelanosis : This is increased pigmentation due to sun exposure. The pigmentation occurs on exposed skin,

Sun burn (tan) : A condition commonly encountered in fair skinned people due to excessive sun exposure.

Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation : It may be seen in the following cases Seen after healing has occurred, like in acne, eczemas, contact dermatitis, Drug induced pigmentation, cosmetics especially those containing fragrance.

Melasma : Seen as brown patches on the face, it is more commonly seen in females. It occurs due to hormonal changes in the body.

Peri-orbital melanosis : Also known as ‘dark circles’ may be heriditary, due to stress or eye strain

Freckles and Lentigenes : These are tiny black spots on the face and are genetic in origin.

Macular lichen amyloidosis. : It occurs over the years due to dryness of skin, friction, sun exposure, mainly on back, arms, legs

Skin City protocol for Skin lightening:

Our dermatologists will examine your skin and decide a treatment for your pigmentation, ranging from medicines to procedures. Procedures for pigmentation include Fractional Q switched NdYag laser and an array of peels such as Glycolic peels, TCA peel, Yellow peel, Obagi peel, Nomelan peel, Cosmelan peel and many more.

Melasma, Photomelanosis and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation can be treated with topical creams such as hydroxy quinine, tretinoin, topical steroids, alpha hydroxy acid creams, azelic acid, arbutin, liquorice, kojic acid. Medications are usually combined with chemical peels, dermabrasion, IPL, Nd YAG laser procedures for getting best results.

Chemical Peels

  • Chemical peeling is application of a solution/gel on the treatment area for a particular time period. It is an office procedure. It does not require any hospitalization. After properly studying the skin type and its sensitivity, the dermatologist decides on the type of peeling agent and their concentration.
  • Glycolic acid peel : it is an Alpha hydroxy peel . It is done to remove blemishes and superficial acne scars.also to give an even skin tone.
  • Arginine peel derived from Brown sugar used to treat dark circles
  • Beta hydroxy peel – salicylic acid peel done for acne ( whiteheads& blackheads) .
  • Cosmelan peel – is a whitening peel. to be done by a professional
  • Yellow peel : vitamin A peel done for skin lightening and brightening.
  • Nomelanpeel : done to treat increased pigmentation.


It involves Mild to moderate exfoliation of superficial dead skin layer, thus helping in better penetration of medication/ peeling agents/ laser light.

It improves the texture of the skin as well as the results of the pigmentation reducing procedures.

IPL/ Nd YAG Laser:

These Laser technologies help in breaking the melanin pigment responsible for hyperpigemnation. It gets destructed and scattered by the laser light rays and discarded from body with metabolism process. They are safe techniques and downtime is minimal.

They give excellent results when combined with medications and sun protection.


Pixel laser combined with NdYag laser gives excellent results in most types of hyperpigmentation. It helps in removing superficial dead skin layer along with pigmentation.