Burns, Accidental Scars, Surgical and Acne scar treatments - Any injury beyond the body’s repair mechanism is filled by raw collagen and is called a scar. While scars cannot be cured, most of them can be made to merge with surrounding skin to an extent of 30% to 100%, thanks to technologies like Ultra Pulse SCAAR FX, Deep FX, Active FX, Pixel, DYE VL etc

Burn Scars, Hypertrophic scars, Keloids, post surgical scars, post accidental scars, chicken pox scars and acne scars are now well treated with a holistic combination approach. Lasers like Scar FX and our signature Derma Transport is Skin City’s unique weapon in the ‘Scar War’.

The scar improvement in burn and hypertrophic scars is measured on the 4 parameters of their thickness, elasticity (flexibility), surface & textural regularity and colour match with surrounding skin. The Scar FX – Derma Transport Combination achieves 60 to 100% improvement in all 4 parameters. Skin City’s scar research has been presented in 6 International conferences through 9 research papers


Keloids are scars that grow beyond the original borders of the wound. Like hypertrophic scars they are raised, but they are often dark in colour and hard to the touch. Without treatment, they will often continue to grow. Keloid scars can make you self-conscious, but you don't have to live with them. Treatment can diminish the appearance of keloids or sometimes get rid of them altogether.

Why Choose Skin City for keloid treatment:

At Skin City, our doctors and staff have extensive experience and training in keloid treatment. Our combination of dermatology and aesthetic training help us to recommend and perform keloid treatments that will get you the best possible results. We have access to the latest laser technology which has shown very satisfying results in our patients.

  • Keloid Treatment Options
  • Control the trigger factors:
    1. Laser hair removal: hair follicle and sebum production act as a trigger, hence laser hair removal can be added
    2. Treat infection in time, remove/ drain abscess/sinus, coiled hair inside the keloid
    3. Vascularity: to decrease the vascular supply of keloid tissue by IPL or vascular lasers
  • Injection treatment:

    Steroids/ 5FU injections are often used to stop the growth of keloids. They cause the fibroblasts to stop their work, and encourage your body to remodel the scar tissue into normal skin. This will diminish and change the appearance of keloids, but rarely eliminates them entirely.

    Laser treatment:

    This often gives the best results. Fractional lasers can be used to precisely target the keloid tissue, diminishing their appearance greatly. They destroy old collagen in keloids and stimulate production of new, healthy collagen, thus causing the reshaping.

    • Pressure garments
    • Silicon