Accidental Scars:
Accidental and chemical burn or acid burn scars are routinely considered as difficult to- treat scars. A combination of various lasers improves the treatment outcome considerably. Along with Ultrapulse laser and Enerjet devices and lasers which are used for tattoo removal are used to remove the dirt and dust particles buried below skin in an accident.

Surgical scars:
Surgical scars have always been a signature mark or autograph of a surgeon. Now minimum scarring or no scar is the new standard. Scars caused due to Caesarian Section, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) surgery or any other surgery is a major concern for patients. While a skillful suturing technique adopted by the surgeon will minimize the scar, the remaining job can be taken over by lasers. A combination of lasers improves the surgical scar considerably.

Scar prevention:
How early can a scar be treated? The answer is - even before it is formed. The new philosophy in scar management is to prevent scars or minimize the chances of scar formation even before an incision or cut is made on the skin. In planned surgery, pretreatment of the planned surgical area with lasers and superior wound care will improve scar outcome. So if you are worried about the possibility of scars, see the scar Super Specialists even before your surgery.