Gone are the days when surgery was the only alternative for the treatment of burnscars. SkinCity has been on the forefront of research in developing cutting edge nonsurgical protocols for scar management. By combining the best possible tools it has become possible to give much better results. Dr Dhepe's work on treating hypertrophic burn scars with Deep FX fractional CO2 laser has been applauded at The International Conference of American Society of Dermatologic Surgery in 2011 in Washington.
A typical burn scar treatment protocol extends over a two year period; it involves a series of treatments at intervals of 2-3 months. This treatment employs the latest technologies like Ultrapulse SCAAR FX, Enerjet JVR, and DermaTransport TM
Transcutaenous drug delivery system to name a few. These are Day care procedures typically carried out under tumescent local Anesthesia, this makes it painless, safe and a walk – in, walk – out procedure. Burn contractures can be released non-surgically with laser treatments to improve joint mobility upto 30 degrees.