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What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Stretch Marks?

Those pink, purple or white waves under your skin that occur naturally as men and women both past puberty is called 'Stretch Mark' and medically known as Striae Distensae. If you’ve noticed them on your body, you’re not alone. Stretch marks may appear due to the hormonal changes and growth associated with puberty, during pregnancy, or with medical diseases, such as Cushing syndrome. Though fairly know that ...

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Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Overview, Causes, Treatments & Prevention

What Are Stretch Marks? Being a parent is any couple’s biggest milestone. There no greater joy to women that being a mother and the same is true to the man as well. Parenting is a long journey that starts with the woman getting pregnant for 9 months post which the baby is delivered. The journey is both painful as well as rewarding for a woman but there are some unwanted effects on the body during the entire ...

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Stretch Marks on Legs & Thighs: Overview, Causes & Treatments

Stretch Marks On Legs & Inner Thighs Your skin is one the most visible and important parts of the body and hence you take all possible care of It by using different solutions like creams, gels, etc. For the same reason, we have a billion-dollar skincare industry that has thousands of products for all types of skin and conditions. But even after taking all the care, you suddenly discover pinkish streaks ...

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Stretch Marks on Hips: Causes, Treatment, Prevention & More

Stretch Marks On Hips One fine day you look into the mirror and you are shocked. You see white weird looking stripes on your hip and now you are wondering how on earth did you get these and how are you going to the beach with such a thing on your hip. Well, do not panic, around 80% of human beings get stretch on their body and it is not a disease. In this blog, we will understand in detail about stretch mar ...

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Stretch Marks on Shoulders: Causes, Treatment, Prevention & More

Stretch Marks On Shoulders You have been working out for some time now or preparing yourself for a sporting event by hitting the gym every day. You start seeing the result in your body with toned muscle, veins have started popping out of your biceps. But just above those swoll biceps and near your shoulder, you see pink or red lines appearing. They are all non-linear broken lines and are not pleasing to loo ...

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Stretch Marks On Knees: Causes, Treatment, Prevention & More

Stretch Marks On Knees - Overview We derive a lot about a person based on his/her looks and personality and that’s the reason why we all strive to keep ourselves as presentable as possible. But sometimes we come across some skin issues that appear naturally which are harmless but do not look appealing. One such skin issue is stretch marks which are a series of non-linear lines that appear on the skin of var ...

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