Laser Sweat Ablation

Laser Sweat Ablation

Sweat is produced from the eccrine glands in the skin. Laser sweat ablation is aimed at destroying the eccrine glands and then removing them, whilst causing as little damage to the skin as possible. Unlike Botulinum Toxin (Botox) which is temporary, Laser Sweat Ablation (LSA) provides a complete cure from underarm and armpit sweating in about 70%-80% of people, although with the current trends the results are approaching 100% success.

Unlike ETS, it is a walk-in walk-out procedure, performed under local tumescent anaesthesia with very low risks. It only takes an hour to perform in most people and there are only one or two 3 mm incisions on each side.

Now with the advent of microwave thermolysis therapy (miraDry) use of botulinum toxins LSA and ETS has gone down.

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