Cosmetic Vein Treatment

Cosmetic Vein Treatment

Thread veins on the leg and the face – also commonly referred to as ‘spider veins’, ‘broken veins’, ‘surface veins’ or ‘venous flares’ – are small blood vessels in the most superficial layer of the skin (the dermis) which have become dilated and visible. Generally, the dermis is about 2-3 mm thick, so the deeper-seated the thread vein is in the skin, the less distinct and ‘livid’ it looks, and vice versa.

Thread veins are very common, affecting around 80% of adults (evenly split across both sexes) at some point in life and they are usually associated with underlying vein problems.


SkinCity’s Endovenous laser vein treatment offers patients a proven, minimally-invasive choice for treating the source of their varicose veins and provides them with immediate recovery to return to normal daily routines. The ZMED 1470 EVLT system includes lasers available in both 1470 wavelengths, a choice of procedure kits, procedure accessories, a tumescent delivery system, and more.

The ZMED® radial laser fiber, an integral part of AngioDynamics’ advanced varicose vein treatment, establishes a new standard for patient comfort, visibility and ease of use. The proprietary technology maximizes tip visibility under ultrasound and eliminates chances of inadvertent fiber tip contact with the vein wall, further improving safety and patient comfort