Medical Body Shaping

Medical Body Shaping

Slimming refers to generalized weight reduction while shaping refers to reduction of fat from certain body areas. The number of fat cells in the body remains the same throughout life, though their size changes with accumulation of fat. When we gain weight fat cells swell up, when we lose weight they shrink. If fat cells are destroyed we lose fat storing capacity permanently in that area. Fat cell destruction is achieved surgically through Liposuction (Gold Standard) and non-surgically through various energy based devices. Skin tightening is a function of collagen tightening in the skin and deeper tissue. Liposuction achieves fat loss and collagen tightening simultaneously while some machine treatments like cryolypolysis achieve pure fat cells destruction where skin tightening is employed additionally.

Q: What are the various methods of Fat Cell Destruction?

A:  There are primarily two methods of fat destruction:


Surgical Adipolysis (Fat cells destruction)

      1. Safe liposuction under tumescent local anesthesia
      2. Traditional Unsafe Liposuction under general or spinal anesthesia

Non Surgical Adipolysis (fat cell destruction)


          1. Ultra sound cavitation
          2. Injection Lipolysis

Body tightening

          1. Radio frequency
          2. Body HIFU