Dark Circle Reduction

Dark Circle Reduction

Eyes are the windows to the soul.

Under eye dark circles, puffiness, under eye bags and periorbital wrinkles can make your eyes look tired and unattractive.

Skin City possesses a unique expertise and experience in treatments around the eyes. The reason being, Dr.NiteenDhepe, Medical Director, Skin City has been the first and only dermatologist in India who has worked as an expert faculty consultant for 3 years in India’s largest Ophthalmology research Institute L P Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad.


Q: What is the best eye care routine?

A: Problems around the eyes are usually classified as allergies, pigmentatio, skin laxity, hollowness or bulges. Itchy eye lids are usually due to an allergy to pollen grains or fragrances or sometimes eye fatigue and are diagnosed and treated appropriately. Eye bulges require blepharoplasty surgery while hollowness (tear troughs) require filling with hyaluronic acid. The two most common problems are eye lid pigmentation and laxity which require lightening and tightening with a good skin care routine and laser treatments in severe cases. A mild face wash, hyaluronic acid based moisturizers, eye lid optimized skin lightening agent and very fine quality  retinoic acid formulations form the base of a good eye care routine. Use of a very mild make up remover is a must.

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Dark Circle Pigment Reduction

This treatment involves the use of Nd YAG laser and RF skin tightening which help to reduce the pigmentation in the under-eye area as well as helps with tightening of the skin. This is followed by infusion of Glutathione or Vit.C, an antioxidant which refreshes and lightens the skin further.

The other alternative for more severe pigmentation can be laser treatment with Vit.C infusion. For optimum results 4 to 6 sessions are advised at 15-day intervals.

Dark Circle Wrinkle Reduction

Under eye puffiness makes your eye look saggy and tired.

In this service, Lasers are used to tighten the loose skin under the eyes. For optimum results 2 to 4 sessions are advised at 15-day intervals.

Ultrapulse laser, RF or Ulthera HIFU can be used to tighten the lax skin depending upon the severity of skin laxity.