Janaki Medical and Social Foundation is the charity wing of Skincity. It works to disseminate the highest level of expertise to the needy and underprivileged. ‘Class technology for the mass’ is the motto of JMF. It runs concessional OPDs and free diagnostic camps for skin diseases in the interiors of Solapur and Osmanabad districts.

Vitiligo is anotherbig agenda for Skincity with respect to creating public awareness. Vitiligo is not a disease and need not be treated is the stand taken by JMF. It organizes forums, lectures and camps to de-stigmatize Vitiligo. It observes Vitiligo day every year to spread awareness.

Skin City co-funded a Marathi movie called ‘Nital” which was based on the sufferings of a person affected with Vitiligo. At the premiere of the movie, a real life couple was felicitated, where the man had married a woman with Vitiligo. He was recognized as a “real life hero”

JMF was awarded with the ‘Pride of India’ title by The Maharashtra Journalist foundation at hands of The Honorable Chief Minister of Goa,DigambatKamat for their social contribution to the cause.