Pain Free Mesotherapy

Pain Free Mesotherapy

Painfree Mesotherapy is a unique approach developed at Skin City  using selective trans-cutaneous delivery of certain hair growth activators, serums and hair nutrients with fine needles or needle-less ‘skin transportation’. Skin City was one of the first centers in India to start hair mesotherapy as early as 2004. We have developed a unique technique of making mesotherapy injections pain free.

This along with a safe adaptation of medical therapy reverses baldness in most cases and either prevents or postpones hair transplantation in many.

Skin transportation is a unique trans-cutaneous drug delivery system using a ‘push and pull’ mechanism with modulated ultra sound waves that drive active medical ingredients into the skin via microporation channels. Popular worldwide as Cosmedico technology, it has been adapted in India for the first time at Skin City as ‘Skin Transportation’. A even more novel approach to trans-cutaneous drug delivery is a needle-less injector called Enerjet JVR. This technology injects active ingredients with the speed of a bullet using just air pressure and not a needle

How It Works??

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