Skin City Laser Lipolysis

Skin City Laser Lipolysis

Cavitation ultra sound and Cosmedico radio frequency combination is the world’s most technically advanced and internationally accepted protocol for non-surgical body shaping. A series of 6 to 10 treatment sessions at interval of 15 days will give an excellent shape through lipolysis and skin firming in patients with localized fat deposits, near normal BMI and generally controlled weight. It is recommended for those who don’t qualify for the safe Lipo procedure. Skin City is the first to install radio frequency technology in India and the first center to develop Ultra sound RF combination protocol.


Radio Frequency Body Shaping Treatment:

Monopolar, Unipolar and bipolar radio frequency devices target the water molecules in the collagen of dermis and subcutaneous tissue deep below the skin. This causes skin and deep tissue tightening. Weekly or fortnightly sessions repeated for to 6-8 times along with Fat cell destruction therapy gives excellent body shaping.



High intensity focused ultra sound targets collagen deep in the subcutaneous tissue and achieves body firming. A depth ranging from 1.5- 4.5 mm can be targeted. Multiple passes at various depths gives three dimensional tissue tightening. It is best coupled with Adipolysis (Fat cell destruction therapies). 4-6 fortnightly treatments are usually administered for best results.