Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

There can be many reasons for wanting to get a permanent tattoo removed, professional, personal reasons or simply because you don’t like it anymore.

Tattoos are created with the injection of pigment into the deeper layer of the skin. Laser tattoo removal is the only non-surgical option available when one wants to get rid of an existing tattoo.

Tattoos can be effectively removed by the Q switched NdYAG laser. It works best on black, blue black and green tattoos. A numbing cream is applied 45 mins before the procedure to reduce discomfort. It usually takes 4-8 sessions before the tattoo is satisfactorily or completely removed and these sessions are spaced at 6 week intervals.

Various newer protocols in laser tattoo treatment like R20 method, R0 method or combination with fractional Ultrapulse lasers are commonly practiced in SkinCity with better and quicker removal of tattoo.

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