‘Hair-Raising’ Experience- A Femina Special Feature

‘Hair-Raising’ Experience- A Femina Special Feature

Hair-raising literally means extremely alarming, astonishing or frightening. It aptly describes the emotions we experience when we first notice the receding hairline or visible scalp in the mirror. Thanks to the huge hair restoration market that has emerged, everyone is now aware of how to restore lost hair. It is, in fact, the most accessible, affordable luxury available on the market, in the looking good department, today says Smita Gautam of SkinCity

People are spoilt for choice as far as the availability of places for hair replacement treatments is concerned. However, when shopping for a suitable place, it is important to go with a reliable surgeon rather than the best price offering. There is a price war waging in the market today and everyone is talking about the cost per graft and not quality assurance. Just getting a bunch of grafts transplanted on your head doesn’t assure you of achieving what you need. Hair transplantation has become a commodity. Many places offering the same are thriving on numbers based on rock bottom prices, much to the detriment of gullible people and to the dismay of an ethical surgeon.


There are several new treatments available for hair restoration and a good doctor will advise you accordingly. It is important to choose a clinic where all these treatments are available. If you choose a place that offers Hair Transplantation exclusively, that is what you will be sold. Once you have done your research and decided on the place you wish to go to for your hair replacement treatment, the difficult part is over. The treatment itself is as simple as ordering a bag of French fries and coke. In the hands of a good surgeon, you get the best quality grafts and a good follow up routine to give you the best results.


Dr. Niteen Dhepe, Medical Director Skin City India is of the opinion, every individual should be treated with a customized approach, following a treatment plan. Surgery is not the first line of treatment for any other problem, then why should it be the first approach in this case? For those of you who have not yet seen that moment of truth in the reflection in the mirror, he says, prevention is better than cure. Nourish your hair with lots of care, oil massages, vitamin supplements, iron rich diet, good cleansing and conditioning. Avoiding stress, chemicals and heat treatments will help you defer or completely avoid balding if it is not a hereditary problem. Good luck on raising your hair, either way! Why have hair-raising days?