Misconceptions About Dermatology – Debunking The Myths

For many people, the world of dermatology is baffling. Most people have an idea of what dermatology is – they know that dermatologists treat skin but that’s about it. Here are some of the common myths and misconceptions about dermatology, and the real truth, too!

Myth #1: Scrubbing Your Face with Soap Will Soften Your Skin

You’ve probably heard it before: Wash your face twice a day for healthy skin. While removing make-up and other grime is important, if you overdo it, you can remove the healthy oils and protective barriers your skin secretes to keep out harmful antigens and dirt. To stay on the safe side, use a mild cleanser in the morning and do the same at night, always remembering to wash gently. Harsh scrubbing will only aggravate sensitive skin cells.

Myth #2: Dermatologists Just Treat Acne

This is a common reason people visit a dermatologist, but dermatologists can do far more than that. Laser and cosmetic dermatology encompass a wide variety of skin care treatments. Scar revision, birthmark removal, and nearly any other condition or issue that affects the skin can be handled using laser and cosmetic dermatology! If you are suffering from acne, of course you should see a dermatologist, but you can visit for many other reasons, too. Skin City is here to help with any and all skin conditions and concerns.

Myth #3: Picking at Blemishes Makes Them Go Away

It may be tempting to scratch at a pussy pimple as soon as it appears, but what you’re actually doing is creating an acne scar which will linger for months while a pimple generally vanishes after 5 – 7 days. Resist the temptation to itch and try one of our soothing facial masks instead to calm irritable skin.

Myth #4: Sunlight Helps Cure Acne

While it’s true that sunlight can help dry out your pimples and reduce inflammation, as with most things, too much can have the opposite effect. A tan may actually make your acne scars more noticeable and the heat can irritate pimples. It’s best to use a combination of natural cleansers, moisturizers and healthy foods to get rid of scarred and pimply skin.

Myth #5: All Moisturizers Are the Same

Many of us just slap on our moisturizing lotion and lip balm without much thought. Actually, there are various moisturizers you can choose from to suit your skin’s needs. Moisturizers come in lotions, creams, emulsions, and serums. They are formulated for the body, or the face, or the eye area.

Are you guilty of any of the above? Hopefully these facts have convinced you to change things around so you can finally have the healthy, glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of.