The Cause of Crows Feet Around Your Eyes?

Cause of Crows Feet

Eyes are the windows to the soul.

But what if those windows are framed by a few wrinkles? Of course, aging is nothing to be ashamed of, but it isn’t something that you’ll love to see. Crow’s feet are a perfect example.

What Are Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are those little lines that start at the corner of the eye and gradually extend outward – so aptly named for their resemblance to a real crow’s foot. They’re also known as “age lines,” “laugh lines,” or “expression lines.” No matter which term you use, crow’s feet are one of those things that bother many people as they get older – even if they help express your happiness.

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What Causes Crow’s Feet?

No one is immune to wrinkles. Crow’s feet can appear as early as the mid-20s then deepen over time. We all know we are going to get wrinkles, eventually, but there are some things that can make them appear much sooner than they should:


Crow’s feet and other wrinkles are mainly the result of aging. As we get older, skin loses elasticity and firmness and becomes thin due to a combination of factors, such as decreased production of collagen.


Exposure to sunlight can’t be avoided – nor should it be. Sunlight is beneficial in the right amount, but also keep in mind sunlight is a form of radiation affecting skin in many ways. Overexposure should be avoided.


Smokers squint often to shield eyes from smoke, one reason why they tend to age prematurely. Frowning or scowling even has an effect. Because squinting requires contracting the muscles around the eyes to keep lids partially closed, it enables the development of crow’s feet and other wrinkles around the eyes.


Did you know that estrogen and collagen are connected? You lose the one, you lose the other. And we all lose estrogen when we go into menopause. So, yeah, wrinkles are going to get worse.


What Can You Do To Treat Crow’s Feet?

Prevention is the best medicine. Develop good habits early, and you’ll avoid the effects of premature aging. But since we can’t avoid wrinkles forever, a few treatments have been developed to keep you looking your best without going under the knife.

  • Wrinkle injections help in firming the skin and reducing formation of wrinkles
  • Chemical Peels can tighten and enhance your skin quality
  • Botox can provide a subtle lift
  • Dermal fillers can also help in smoothening the wrinkles
  • Blepheroplasty can help in removing excess folds of skin to prevent crow’s feet

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Smile All The Way With Skin City’s Crow’s Feet Treatments

Crow’s can now be easily fixed, with the help of Botox, dermal fillers, peels and so on. We often use specialist products that only doctors and specialists can prescribe or administer. We know how to treat your skin and help you achieve the flawless skin you have always wanted. A multi-combination approach is often used in the treatment of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet, but this depends on your skin and your consultation.

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