9 Tips To Deal With Acne

9 Tips To Deal With Acne

Acne is not just plaguing teenagers, some women and men too are prone to spurts in their adulthood.

Acne are those painful and unpleasant pimples that show up at the worst possible hour. If you’re struggling with hormonal acne, which most commonly appears in the age group of 20 to 40, here are 9 tips to deal with it.

9 Tips to Deal With Acne

It’s no secret that a healthy regimen leads to healthy skin, but sometimes it’s as simple as switching your skincare products, too. Here are the 9 ways you can deal with acne smoothly. These acne treatments vary in strength and effectiveness, and can take weeks to work. In the meantime, never pop or squeeze pimples. Popping pimples pushes the infected material back into the skin and can make the breakout worse or cause permanent acne scars.

Here’s How You Can Deal with Acne with Easy 9 Tips:

1. Exfoliate

For moderate to severe acne, facial scrubs are not advised. Instead, use an exfoliating mask that doesn’t scrape the skin and most importantly keeps your skin looking healthy. Regular exfoliation will smooth and soften the skin and brighten your complexion.

2. Eat Carrots

Carrots are one of the best acne-fighting foods which also help strengthen your skin and avoid any further flare-ups. Add carrots into your diet as a perfect crunchy snack to dip in hummus, or you can put them in a soup or salad.

3. Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar and other foods high in glycemic index cause your blood sugar and insulin levels to spike. That results in inflammation throughout the body – and puts you at risk of developing acne and other skin problems. So, keep the sweetness at bay.

4. Use Sunscreen

Lotions are designed for the body which are heavier in density and aren’t meant for facial use. Look for products labelled “non-comedogenic” — which means they don’t cause acne. Always wear sunscreen, no matter what!

5. Reduce Use of Cell Phones

Whenever you use a cell phone, there is contact on your face. This kind of contact exposes your skin to bacteria and also forces that the bacteria stick to your skin to cause acne breakouts.

6. Use Fresh and Clean Clothing

Always use clean towels and clothes for your skin and also try to change your pillowcase and bed sheets once or twice a week. Plus, try to use detergents and fabric softeners that contain less chemical products.

7. Remove Facial Hair Carefully

Do not pluck hair from your face as it causes blemishes and give birth to pimples. It is recommended to use an electric razor or even laser hair removal treatment to avoid nicking blemishes and pimples.

8. Sweat It Out

Include exercise in your daily regime for your skin to breath. Sweat detoxifies the skin. Do any form of exercise to balance the mind and body, lessening the stressors that cause acne.

9. Nutritional Supplements

Acne is also a sign that you’re nutritionally off in your diet. Your skin depends on nutrition, and if your body isn’t getting the desired nourishment, acne can show up. Anti-inflammatory like omega fatty acids and a good multivitamin will be a good start.

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