These 10 Habits Are Making Your Dark Circles Worse

These 10 Habits Are Making Your Dark Circles Worse

You had it, she had it and we had it too, at some point.

We’re talking about the infamous Dark Circles, aka Panda Eyes. While Panda’s are cute and adorable, dark circles are the polar opposite. We do everything to cover it with concealers, cucumbers and other tricks, but that does not get to the root of the problem. Our under eye skin is fragile and we worsen the look of dark circles and hence they appear more prominent.

We asked our SkinCity super specialists to to shed some light on how we make our dark circles worse. This is what they said:

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Here Are The 10 Habits That Make Your Dark Circles Worse:

It’s frustrating, especially when your dark circles have nothing to do with your sleeping habits. It is thus important to identify what the culprits could be. It’s not just for workaholics or party animals!

1. Sleeping On Your Belly Or On Your Side

While most of us believe that lack of sleep is the primary reason behind dark circles under eyes, it turns out; the way we sleep could also be the culprit. Try to sleep on your back, which will prevent wrinkles and use an extra pillow to raise your head and reduce fluid collection or puffy eyes.

2. Eliminating Sunscreen

This is a sin most of us aren’t shy of committing. The upper and lower eyelids are extremely thin which are prone to sun damage. It’s difficult to reverse sun damage and hyperpigmentation, so applying sunscreen is the best way to prevent it.

3. Excess of Salt or Caffeine Intake

If you indulge in salt-heavy meal before bed, you’ll tend to wake up with bags under your eyes. High levels of sodium and caffeine content causes your body to retain water, making the skin under the eyes puffy and making them appear darker.

4. Rubbing Your Eyes

Under eye skin is the thinnest and the most sensitive part of your face. The capillaries under this skin are susceptible to breakage and leakage. Thus, if you do not wish to see the purple reign under your eyes, don’t rub or pull your eyes!

5. Smoking Habits

Remember the pact you wanted to make to quit smoking? Now’s a good time to do it. Smoking worsens the skin than sun damage would do. The nicotine in cigarettes reduces microcirculation by constricting blood vessels, giving it a bluish appearance.

6. Make Up Products

Yes, we said it that concealers help in concealing dark circles. But, using a bad product can actually irritate your skin and worsen the dark circles. Whether it’s an eyeliner, mascara, concealer, or a powder, if it causes irritation or an allergic reaction, steer away from it.

7. Less Water Intake

You must drink sufficient water to hydrate your body. Surely, you’ve heard this a thousand times, and yet, we do not pay heed to it. Dehydration causes the under eye tissue to become thinner which leads to the blood vessels under the eye showing through.

8. Genetics

Now this is beyond your control. Unfortunately, sometimes dark circles can just be hereditary and may get worse with age due to the loss of subcutaneous fat. If you were dealt a bad hand of genetic codes, your best bet may be to seek out our dermatologist for effective treatments as possible.

9. Working Long Hours In Front Of The Computer

Staring at a computer screen all day can put a lot of stress on the blood vessels around the eyes. When the blood vessels get enlarged around your eyes, it makes the skin surrounding it look a shade darker.

10. Allergies

Allergic reactions, dryness, and eczema are some of the most common signs that lead to dark circles. Allergies cause the body to release histamines that cause blood vessels to dilate, thus causing inflammation, swelling, and broken blood vessels around the eye.

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There Is Way To Take Care Of Dark Circles- For Good!

If you’ve understood the key takeaway from what you’ve just read, it’s that you shouldn’t take your skin regimen for granted! Dark circles can pop up from working a stressful job to unfortunate genetics. And while Caffeinated creams, under eye treatments, and serums can help get rid of dark circles under the eyes, they don’t guarantee 100% dark circle proof skin.

To see long-lasting improvement to the skin under your eyes, you need to be constant with your skin care routine and make a few lifestyle changes. However, if you still wish to see our dermatologist for a consultation, you are most welcome to call us and schedule an appointment for our under eye dark circle treatments. We carry a line of skin care treatments at the clinic, which may help with skin lightening and improved collagen production.