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Permanent Hair Removal With the Revolutionary Alexandrite Technology

Super smooth skin FOREVER!!! Super hair removal the Skin City way!! Skin City, India's largest skin and hair restoration centre, has installed the Alexandrite laser with 755nm wavelength.The technologies available are The Soprano ICE and The Platinum Plus Technologies. This is the solution for complete, permanent body hair removal. This technique is apparently so efficient, that the process is called Super ...

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Taking Vows to Look Beautiful Together

The bold, beautiful and successful couples take their common interests and healthy competition from the professional world to the grooming world discovers Smita Gautam, the Business Strategy Consultant. Skin City has a range of ‘skintillating’ services for men and women. Narcissism was essentially considered a feminine trait which has now caught the fancy of men of all ages. This led to the coining of the t ...

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LHR: Is it Laser Hair Removal or Laser Hair Reduction?

Hair removal is one of the oldest elements of beauty treatments, and shaving was the earliest way to get rid of excess unwanted hair. Then were introduced salon treatments like waxing and threading. Some chemical creams that dissolve hair shaft are used as depilatory creams. All these give temporary relief from hair growth. Shaving leaves behind thick hair stubs that give a rough look while threading and wa ...

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