An Idea Called Skin City

Skin City is not just a clinic or a spa. It is an idea. An idea that took root with the ambition of providing all the services in dermatology under one roof. It started its journey from Solapur. What started as one clinic in one town of Maharashtra has today become India’s largest skin and hair transplantation centre, with campuses in Solapur and Pune, and a unique mobile laser clinic that caters to the rural areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka. It houses the latest and the best technology pertaining to all body, hair and skin related treatments in the world, under one roof.

Skin City is the largest Aesthetic Dermatology set-up in India and the only one that practices Aesthetic Dermatology with an institutional approach. There are many players in this field but they work either purely on a commercial basis or as a traditional dermatology institute and conduct work only in dermatology.

Skin City’s services include dermatology and skin surgery, aesthetic dermatology, lasers & cosmetic surgery and hair treatment. It has established itself as the perfect balance between aesthetic dermatology, hardcore dermatology & dermatology teaching. Skin City is affiliated to several international associations like The American Academy of Dermatology, The American Society of Dermatology, The European Academy of Dermatology, The International Society of Hair Transplantation Surgery and The Asian Society of Hair Transplantation Surgery.

Skin City is one of the only two private Post Graduate Institutes in Dermatology in India. Skin City offers Post Graduate courses like DNB, Diploma in Dermatology, Fellowship in Aesthetic Dermatology & Fellowship in Hair Transplantation Surgery.

The world’s most sought after treatments like liposuction, hair transplant, super hair removal, mesotherapy, scar removal, vitiligo treatment, bridal packages, allergy treatments, chronic skin disease treatments, skin enhancement services, anti-ageing services, acne treatment, right up to the latest MiraDry – the world’s most advance technology for permanent removal of underarm hair and odour – all are a part of Skin City.

Just like every successful enterprise runs on a set of values and beliefs, Skin City too has risen to its present self by following a set of scruples and not losing focus of its vision. Not letting cosmetic dermatology transform into a beauty salon or a spa is one of them. Skin City has always treated beauty as a science, and not as a commodity. That is the reason why some of the best dermatologists work for Skin City and help enhance its offerings.

Since summer is the most troublesome season for skin and hair, Skin City has come up with special offers for summer that aim at tackling the common problems like excess body fat, stubborn body hair,  hair loss and baldness at discount rates.

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