What is liposuction?

What is liposuction:
Liposuction is a process of surgical removal of stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise, by using small cannualas to give slimmer contour to the body and face.

What are the indications for liposuction:
It can be done in any age group beyond 18 years.
It works best for stubborn localised fat deposits which are resistant to diet and exercise from areas like tummy, buttocks, thighs, legs, back, arms, chin, face.

What is safe liposuction:
Liposuction was traditionally performed under general anaesthesia. General anaesthesia can predispose patient to complications leading to sudden death during the procedure. As per the data, acquired in India and internationally, all the deaths related to liposuction were due to complications of general anaesthesia. Also large bore cannulas were used during this process to shorten the time period of whole procedure which has caused multiple complications leading to injury to internal organs. Even today, majority of liposuctions are done under general anaesthesia.

At Skin City, we perform Safe liposuction, meaning liposuction using tumescent local anaesthesia. Patient is completely awake and comfortable during the procedure. Very small bore cannuals are used to prevent the injury to internal organs and surrounding tissues. A fine laser fibre is also used along with cannula to burn and remove the fat cells. Patient walks in for the procedure and walks out without requiring any admission. There are no reports of complications or death during Safe Liposuction anywhere in the world.

Is the fat loss permanent?
The number of fat cells in body are constant. With Liposuction the liposuction cells that are removed, will not be replaced. So the resultant loss of fat is permanent. But to maintain this newly acquired shape, healthy eating habits, exercise and lifestyle changes are advised.

When can I join my work?
You can join your work next day.

What is the post operative advice?
Withhold the strenuous activities for a week and you need to wear pressure garments for3-6 months.

What happens to the excess skin?
Skin by virtue of its elasticity undergoes contracture and adheres to underlying musculature. Liposuction can be complemented with non surgical skin tightening procedures eg Radiofrequency.

Will I have any scar?
Small scars of 3-5 mm size will be there but usually hidden under skin creases which will fade eventually and become undetectable.

When will be the results seen?
There is immediate post procedure reduction in size and shape to certain extent and it continues to improve with time, best appreciated by 3 months.