FEMINA JUNE 2013 Article :Super Hair Removal Process

Highlighting the word ‘Super’ Manasi Shroff talks to Dr Niteen Dhepe—leading dermatologist in India as well as the Medical Director, SkinCity PG Institute of Dermatology—about how to get rid of body hair at SkinCity with the Super Hair Removal process.

 “Oh, God! I need to wax…” is something we women keep saying at regular intervals. Well, not anymore—courtesy Suprano Laser installed at SkinCity, you will be hair-free and carefree permanently. This technique is apparently so efficient that the process is called Super Hair Removal.

Out of sight

We all want a body that is hairless and smooth as silk. However, we are all lazy as hell to go and get ourselves waxed. Besides waxing, threading and shaving are painful and have to be done time and again. Well, shaking hands with technology, SkinCity’s Suprano Laser is painless, quick—and yes, it’s permanent too! Your body hair is absolutely not visible and you could put on that sexy, backless dress whenever you feel like.

Nothing like it

It’s a rare facility available in the city and we all know how rare is precious. Suprano Laser barely takes time, maybe a fraction of the time as compared to other laser technologies to treat a given area because of the speed of the machine. Since the fact that the treatment is painless, large body parts can be covered quickly with no discomfort to the client.

Super benefits

Dr Dhepe says, “It’s the speed and comfort experienced with this technology, which allows our clients to treat large body parts.” This makes full body hair removal a cakewalk. It’s happy time for the men as there is no local anesthesia required to due to the thickness and density of hair. It’s no more painful.

That’s how it works

It’s just as easy as it sounds. A single sitting of Super Hair Removal for the full body takes about three-four hours with highly trained practitioners to carry out the treatments. About eight to twelve sittings does it all. Be assured that this super treatment has no side-effects of any kind.

Don’t be pricey

Super Hair Removal costs are at par with other laser hair removal treatments, and the speed is another feather added to the hat. “However it works out more economical to have Super Hair Removal done for permanent freedom from unwanted hair than to adopt the lifelong conventional temporary methods like threading and waxing,” adds Dr Dhepe.

So now we exactly know where to go head when we are absolutely fed up of hitting the parlor.