Pros & Cons of Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Dark spots, age spots, sun spots – what is pigmentation? We explain your uneven complexion and suggest solutions for clearer, brighter skin.

You may not have deep frown lines or crow’s feet, but if you feel like you’re ageing, chances are it’s thanks to uneven skin tone. Now, we’re not talking a sweet smattering of freckles, but bigger, uneven brown patches on not only the face but hands, décolletage, and shoulder areas. It’s these aging dark spots of bother that is known as pigmentation, caused by sun exposure and specifically the UVA rays which penetrate deep into your skin and cause ageing.

Types Of Pigmentation Which Can Be Treated With Laser Therapy

  • Melasma, solar lentigos or sun spots, birthmarks, port-wine stains and freckles
  • Melasma is a patchy brown discoloration of the skin on the face
  • Solar lentigines, are small brown pigmented spot on the skin with a clearly defined edge, surrounded by normal-appearing skin. These mainly appear in sun exposed areas like the tops of the hands and face
  • Birthmarks are normally flat and are brown or black in color
  • Port-wine stains are the kind of pigmentation defects in which some reddish-purple discolorations appear on the skin as a result of some swollen red blood vessels in the body
  • Freckles are small, brownish spots on the skin that are caused by deposition of pigment and that increase in number and darken on exposure to sunlight

Pros of Laser Treatment

  • Quite effective. When done from a reputed clinic there is a chance that 90% , even 100% of your pigmentation will vanish in a set of sessions provided
  • Less painful than other laser treatments
  • Improved appearance
  • The duration of each laser session is quite short, aprox 30mins
  • Require a very short recovery time
  • No age limit

Cons of Laser Treatment

  • Dangerous if you go to someone inexperienced
  • May require several sessions
  • Some may feel a slight stinging or burning
  • Redness, swelling, bruising, and dry patches can be seen on a person who had undergone layer treatment. Proper aftercare is required

We at SkinCity advocate that the ideal anti ageing treatment should address all the tightening & lifting, filling for hydrating & Skin brightening of skin. Thus we advise the 3D facelift for optimum results.